Failure To Pay Rent Notices
A failure to pay rent notice (FTP) is the first step in getting your tenant to either pay their back rent or getting them to return the property to you. To file a failure to pay rent notice, we need your tenant(s) name, tenant(s) address, how much and for what months your tenant(s) owe rent, if your tenant is in the military, registration number (if applicable), and lead certificate (if applicable).

After you provide us with the requested information we will file your notice(s) and provide your 1st representation in court for you.

Price Per Notice= $60 (this already includes court costs)
*Landlords filing 5+ notices per month qualify for special pricing

Warrant of Restitution
The warrant of restitution (a.k.a. Putout) is the second step in the repossession process. The warrant provides notification to the sheriff/constable your tenant has not paid you the rent due and you want to proceed with the eviction process. If your tenant pays you the rent due, the eviction is canceled. If your tenant fails to pay you the rent due, the eviction will proceed and you can reclaim your property.  

Price Per warrant= $65 (this already includes court costs)
*Landlords filing 5+ warrants per month qualify for special pricing

Eviction Mailing/Posting (Baltimore City)
After filing a warrant and scheduling your eviction with the sheriff, a landlord is required to provide notice of the eviction date to tenant(s) via mail and posting on the door. With this service we will properly do your mailing and posting on the tenant(s) door. We will also provide you with a copy of the notice, all necessary receipts, and a digital picture of the posting.

$75 for 1-2 per month
$60 for 3+ per month

Rent Escrow Court (Baltimore City)
Landlords schedules are sometimes full and they are unable to attend rent escrow court. We will hear your cases in rent escrow court on a case-by-case basic. 

$75 per appearance